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LifeSciences Infobroking

The Philosophy

Our time is called the age of information. This is surely true. There is an overabundance of information for every theme you can imagine. But because of this flood of information it becomes more and more difficult to find the information which is really important and relevant for your special issue.

LifeSciences Infobroking will help you to look for the needle in the haystack. Here you can find the knowledge, how and where to search to get largely complete and relevant information for a specific topic.
Therefor I do not use only the nearly unexhaustable Internet, which can be utilised very efficiently by applying specific search strategies, but also a great number of specific databases and the electronic catalogues of public and academic libraries.

Customers from all areas of Life Sciences will get fast and efficient information
for their specific topic. If desired the information can be processed applying defined criteria. The information will be provided in the favoured form of presentation.

A further main focus of LifeSciences Infobroking is the issue of dossiers for actual topics in the area of Life Sciences and for companies from the Life Sciences industry. These dossiers are used by specialised and schoolbook publishers as well as by consultancies and banks.